Our Story … so far

Watercooler folklore suggests our name comes from the number of current partners (that’s them above, as superheroes).  Others believe its derived from our current address at 414 And while we enjoy all the fours, both are incorrect.


iconsC_thumbOur name is inspired by the first four dimensions of design – line, plane, volume and time.

We combined a select group of planners, graphic artists, architects, interior designers and consultants to create a studio offering multiple design resources – studio ‘four’ – within a single firm – ‘for’ design.  When you say four, the U is silent.  We thought it should be visually silent too.  So we combined it with the R in our logo, and the legend was born!  That’s much cooler, right?


S4D life_brian russellIMG_9162We curate experiences from the things that inspire us daily – people, food (especially donutsMakers is our new fave), drink, art, music, design and travel.  Our eclectic interests and tastes are what make us, well, US – and it is that story we hope to bring to you.  Together, we make design happen.  Our studio family is made up of young creatives, old school traditionalists, jet setters, homebodies, Knoxville natives and transplants.  We often tell candidates who want to join our work family, “We don’t hire normal.”  We have a culture that thrives on giving a pat on the back when earned, and a kick in the pants when deserved.  We’ve even been profiled in a new book by Meredith Elliott Powell on the power of office culture.  This approach inspires us to create something we think you will appreciate.  Our hope is that you, our extended family, will feel inspired too!


US map_updated 02 2016

To date we have completed work in 22 states – from public to private, local to regional – from our Knoxville office.  On any given day we are helping communities, corporations and congregations plan for growth; developing brand identities for entrepreneurs; designing offices, athletic venues, retail environments, worship centers, manufacturing facilities and housing, all for a diverse client base.

This is the experience we want to share with you.


Our staff is involved in the local community beyond office life, in both service-related roles and through personal project endeavors.

We’ve gone Over The Edge of a 12-story building to help raise money for one of our clients, The Restoration House.

OTE_Samuel_clip OTE_Michaela clip OTE_Meghan_clip OTE_Katie S_clip

S4D_over the edge group photo clip






For our annual Thanksgiving ‘Count Your Blessings Dinner’,  we prepare meals for more than 50 of our neighbors at the Knoxville YWCA.  We feel good doing good for others, and this event has been part of our business plan since we started in 2002.


We’re on the board for our local PechaKucha Knoxville events, and have presented twice.