Babbit Residence

Tellico Lake, TN
7,855 sf

Key Objective

A lake front residence that maximizes view angles and allows for handicap accessibility to all floors.


Babbit_siteThe design challenge for this home was framed by the owner’s desire to embrace the panorama of Tellico Lake in all the spaces formed from their large programmatic needs.  The limitations of the site and the traditionally styled community regulations allowed for a unique implementation of spatial interplay between traditional forms and modern functions.

In order to maximize the views and allow the wrapping transparent skin to be effectual, the house was moved to the very limits of the required set backs.  In this way, the placement of the house became crucial to the success of one’s visual experience.



The home collects the program onto four levels: 00) entertainment, 01) living, 02) bedrooms, and 03) flex spaces with a craft room.  Each level is connected to the others by a central core.  This central core was split to create a four-story open volume that is inhabited by riser-less stairs and glass railings – this allows light to filter through all the spaces.  The open central volume inspires the viewer through its invitation to move through the spaces.  From the street, the house utilizes punched openings in the building’s skin.  As one enters the house, the view opens through the central core and out to the lake and mountains beyond. On the lake side of the home, the windows become a transparent skin that wraps the corners to allow the visual senses of the viewer to be engaged as soon as one enters the house.Babbit_plans01


The spatial moves and hierarchy of the central core’s openness resulted in a rather copacetic design.


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