Covenant Presbyterian Church

Oak Ridge, Tennessee
$2.5 M

Key Objective

To create a new church home for Covenant Presbyterian Church to replace their old, existing building that was becoming unusable due to developing structural failures.


Interior Sketch and Finish 900 xCovenant Presbyterian acquired property on the top of a hill overlooking the entrance into the city of Oak Ridge.

They wanted their building to be a focal point
and reflect a traditional Presbyterian church with a contemporary flair.

The design solution for CPC’s new 11,000sf church resulted in organizing classrooms and circulation around a traditional church symmetrical plan.  At the core of the building is a 300 seat sanctuary with a 2-story ‘cathedral’ space utilzing large clerestory windows to allow natural light into the interior environment.  Exterior materials consisted of limestone, stucco and metal roofing to create a contemporary interpretation of a traditional church exterior.

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Exterior 1 1200 x 900     Exterior 2 1200 x 900