St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Mission

Erwin, Tennessee
5,600 sf
$600 K

Key Objective

In building a new church campus on the 14.5 acre piece of land that the church had previously purchased, St Michaels wanted to provide a place that would be functional and welcome growth. The identity of the building would follow traditional Roman Catholic ideas, while also blending in with the rural area of Erwin, Tennessee where the mission calls home.


The design for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Mission’s new campus was to create a single story multi-purpose building that could house their services with 240 seats and provide flexible space for other events. The plan of the building includes the offices for the priest and other employees of the church. The future plan for the church includes development of a cathedral that would connect to this multi-purpose building that would allow this facility to be used for banquets, social events, offices, and classroom spaces.

The combination of the brick and metal siding was to create contrast in the design, while also being cost effective. The entrance is emphasized by the monumentality of the large cross being recessed into the facade. This multi-purpose building is easily scene as a focal point in the community while also allowing for the growth of a much larger cathedral in the future.