Local Motors

Knoxville, TN

Key Objective

Create the first of a multinational Microfactory network in order to build game-changing products and deliver a world of vehicle innovations. The new Microfactory in Knoxville, TN was developed and design to be a prototype facility to combine co-creation  and micro-manufacturing where design, 3D-printing and assembly of automobile and hardware innovations can be brought to the market at unprecedented speed.



The facility includes a large build lab to accommodate participants in the build program, which is the most immersive experience one can have at Local Motors. Using in-house tools, parts and an interactive online build manual, anyone can construct their own vehicle in the Microfactory with help from the Local Motors team.

S4D is currently working with Local Motors to design the retail element of the Knoxville location. Visitors will be able to take part in an immersive, multi-media and interactive experience designed to educate and inspire anyone who wants to know more about the company and the technologies they utilize.  Innovative vehicle products will be available in the retail space which also includes exclusive Local Motors brand items as well as other products from local and international companies. A cafe/lounge, design labs, research and developments space and administrative offices will also be included in the facility.

The exterior of the building utilizes a combination of metal panels, masonry and glazing to create simple and elegant forms conducive to the functions housed within. The changing colors of metal panels that wrap around the midsection of the building increase and decrease in size to form a rhythm that simulates speed and motion.


The new Microfactory brings the worldwide Local Motors community together for the creation and production of new vehicles based on local needs. Leveraging the co-creation platform produces innovative designs from community members in over 130 countries. The Microfactory was developed as a place o bring those designs to life; where innovators create amazing products and consumers come to marvel and shop.

To learn more about the innovation experts at Local Motors please visit localmotors.com