Premier Eyecare


Premier Eyecare, a longtime optometry center in the Farragut community, was previously located at a site that wasn’t conducive to walk-in business. Positioned below road level, behind trees and with only small windows, the setting almost concealed the eye care center from potential patients. In 2016, Dr. Fry approached Studio Four Design with three primary goals: achieve better visibility, have room to expand, and provide a large retail showroom.

“Unless you were an existing patient, it was difficult to drive by our former location and immediately know who we are and what we offer,” said Dr. Fry. “To continue to grow, I knew we needed to stand out, offer an attractive showroom, and have room to expand, but I didn’t know exactly how to get there until we spoke with Studio Four Design.”


Studio Four Design, tasked with achieving Premier Eyecare’s goals within a modern, semi-industrial environment, set about designing an 11,000 square foot structure. Half of the space, 5,500 square feet, was designated specifically for Dr. Fry and the Premier Eyecare team, and another 5,500 square feet as leasable space. To highlight the beautiful retail showroom, they incorporated 24-foot-high windows to maximize natural lighting. The design team was able to merge modern elegance with traditional warmth by integrating a mixture of brick and glass, high ceilings, and exposed beams.

“Lighting and space can contribute significantly to a guest’s experience and therefore to the quality of your interactions with customers and patients,” said Stacy Cox, president of Studio Four Design. “We’re happy we could exceed the Premier Eyecare team’s goals by introducing a modern yet very welcoming center that will cater to long time patients and curious new shoppers alike.”